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The Sunless Garden

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When I becomes we
and we become nothing.


The Sunless Garden is an experience unlike others. The apocalypse has come, the world whimpers on, but here beyond the need of physical form we reside in death. What do you do when the landscape is a nightmare formed by millions of insecurities? What do you do when the concept of "I" is slipping away into a sea of decay and entropy. 

What do you do when the world is dead hope is gone. 

This is The Sunless Garden.

A living nightmare where the fight isn't for survival, but instead a fight for self identity. Will you join the masses in their grave or will you find something worthwhile in yourself? 

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Events & Tickets


The second Sunless Garden event will be at Downfall 2018. An American Freeform experience that will allow players to walk through the imprints of lives from post, during, and before the fall of humanity this experience will take place in the 100 yard by 40 yard enclosed structure starting at sundown Thursday night and will end Saturday night at midnight. 

Allowing players to walk through the memories of humanity, the ashes of the emotions of the fall of society, and experience what some of the first survivors of the apocalypse lived through (and died during). Players at the event will be able to enter into The Sunless Garden and experience the other side of death without having to have their character die. 

Pre-registration to Downfall 2018 gives each person that pre-registers a ticket to The Sunless Garden experience that they can either use for themselves or give to someone else in game. This ticket will allow you to sign up for entering The Sunless Garden experience. Now, Freeform role-play is not for everyone. Some people enjoy more mechanical aspects of larp, and with that, deciding to enter The Sunless Garden should be based completely on the type of experience you are looking to have. The Sunless Garden is just one of a number of events at Downfall 2018. 

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The Sunless Garden is a pocket American Freeform event that combines the narrative storytelling aspect of the Grave Mind from Dystopia Rising and combines it with the deep emotional investment scenarios like what you find in events like A Series of Hauntings or other deeply emotional and psychological experiences.

In The Sunless Garden there are a number of potential scenarios that an experience may encompass. You might be an imprint of a person who has passed who is struggling with the concept of the loss of the ego. You might be a visitor who has stepped into the shared mental and emotional web that is beyond death, attempting to ease the suffering of those who are entrapped by their demons. You may be a person attempting to delve into the death to try and define what living means.

Each scenario is presented differently, with either pre-created roles or scenarios where players get to create their persona with the staff running the event. Each scenario is a stand-alone experience without required continuity or timeline that is part of a larger story being told through countless perspectives and timelines.

In The Sunless Garden, there is no light save for what you find within you.

Content, scenes, and story told within The Sunless Garden may be troublesome for some would be participants. It is impossible to know what a person will find upsetting or triggering, since there are as many potential sensitive subjects as there are stories in the world. Each person has traveled a different road and has different levels of comfort regarding certain subject matters.

If you are entering an ongoing The Sunless Garden experience, during your check in you will see one sentence descriptors of the different scenarios that may be encountered in the active space of The Sunless Garden. We ask that you be very aware of your own limitations and sensitivities when deciding if and when you enter The Sunless Garden. If you find particular content material troublesome, we suggest that you wait until that stories rotation is done before opting to enter The Sunless Garden and consider if the experience provided in The Sunless Garden is right for you.

Not every experience is what people are looking for, and we would like an informed audience to determine if the experience is for them.

As a blanket statement, participants should know that The Sunless Garden engages many stories that people may find emotionally charged, depressing, or potentially triggering. As The Sunless Garden ties into the lives of fictional individuals who have been unable to release themselves due to the unique details of their lives and deaths; a blanket statement that The Sunless Garden is an experience that delves deeply into content that is commonly seen in a negative way if it were a part of our day to day lives.